5 Smart Reasons to Buy Fruits and Veggies from a Family Farm

Maybe you're on a drive through the country and spot a local farmer's market. Perhaps you're grocery shopping and notice produce grown on a family farm. Do you find it more appealing to eat fruits and veggies grown without additives, artificial flavors and preservatives? Well, you're right. Fruits and vegetables grown on family farms are healthier. And that's a great reason to choose them—but it's not the only one.

Health, Quality, and Supporting Your Local Community

When you choose farm-fresh foods, you're doing more than promoting good health. You're also getting foods that taste better and help local farmers thrive.  Here are a few more reasons to choose food grown on family farms.

Fresh foods are better foods

The fruits and veggies on your grocer's shelves might look fresh but they've likely been there for days. They may have traveled hundreds or thousands of miles in refrigerated trucks. When you buy from a family farm, you're likely getting fruits and vegetables picked that same day. They're fresher and healthier.

You're buying fruit—and only fruit

When you're looking for blueberries, you want blueberries. You don't want things that aren't on the label which could be harmful to you and your family. That includes everything from additives to preservatives and artificial flavors. They might even have been grown using genetically modified seeds. If you want to get fruit—and only fruit—buy it from a family farm.

Family farm fruits and veggies picked at the peak of ripeness

Ripe fruits and vegetables are better for you. They're better than those picked early and allowed to ripen at the grocer or on your kitchen counter. Food picked at the peak of ripeness are more nutritious.

You're buying tastier food for your family:

It can be challenging for parents to get their children to eat fruits and vegetables. Often, fruits and vegetables from the grocery store taste bland and unappealing. Just compare the taste of apples, berries or tomatoes from family farms to the grocers. Fruit and vegetables picked at their peak tastes better.

Support your local community and economy:

It gives your local economy and community a boost when you buy local. You'll be supporting family farms, which have been in decline in recent decades. Family farms sustain local economies and promote health and nutrition. Supporting them helps us all.

Buying from a family farm is the smart choice. You're avoiding dangerous preservatives and additives which could be detrimental to good health. You're serving your family foods they'll enjoy eating. Finally, you're supporting your local community.