Get Ready for Spring Adventures in BC

Spring is right around the corner. Before we know it, the snow will begin to melt, the lakes will begin to thaw, the rivers will be rushing, and the flowers will be blooming. Now is the perfect time to begin planning your spring adventures! We are so lucky here in British Columbia to be blessed with a wide variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities, as well as abundant natural beauty. In fact there is way more to do than we could list in a short blog. Here are five amazing options in the BC area, along with a brief list of a few items you will want to be sure to bring with you. 

Shannon Falls Provincial Park

This gorgeous park boasts BC's 3rd tallest waterfall. It is a wonderful spot for a romantic picnic. There are also quite a few hiking trails and places for rock climbing. It is also easily accessible. 

What to bring

If you are planning to do some rock climbing, of course you want to remember your climbing gear. Be sure to bring good hiking shoes. The trails are not particularly strenuous, but comfortable feet are crucial to a good day. For the picnic, while you can certainly be extravagant, it is not necessary. A soft blanket is most important, though a tarp underneath is also nice if the ground is wet. A bottle of wine, some crackers and delicious cheeses, and some Wild Coast Fruit dark chocolate blueberries is a lovely picnic all on its own. Best to bring some water to offset that wine as well. 

Kettle Valley Railway Bike Adventure

If long bike rides are more your speed, this is a wonderful way to spend a spring day - or even week. The bike trail is built on an old railway line, so there is never more than a 2.2% grade. If you have not been on the bike all winter or will be biking with someone who is not interested in steep climbs, this is the perfect spot. With over 600 km of trails, you can keep going for quite a while through spectacular scenery, tunnels, and trestle bridges. There are also a number of small towns along the way where you will find plenty of places to stay. 

What to bring

Long distance bike rides require some careful planning. You want to ensure you have all you need, but you also want to be as light as possible. You definitely want to have a couple clothing changes and layers, a way to keep yourself and your pack dry, sunglasses, and sunscreen. High energy snacks are important as well. You need good energy to get you to the next town. Avoid processed sugar. The energy boost will be followed by a crash that will make the long distance difficult. Nuts and fruits will give you a long lasting energy boost, as well as the fiber to curb your hunger. Make up your own trail mix with mixed nuts and Wild Coast Fruit dried whole cranberries and blueberries. Cranberries have the added benefit of being high in vitamin C and excellent at eliminating bacteria from the body. Blueberries are awesome immune boosters and high in iron and zinc. Of course always bring plenty of water. 

Skookumchuk Narrows Provincial Park

If you are passionate about kayaking, you probably already know about this place. Even if you are not, it is an amazing thing to see. Twice a day the river flow changes both direction and power. This is a hot spot for extreme kayakers, as well as divers. There are incredible whirlpools and powerful rapids. 

What to bring

If you are planning to kayak, be sure to bring all safety gear. These rapids are no joke. Fill up on some whole grain carbs before heading out to give you sustained energy throughout the day. As for snacks on the water, you need something you can access quickly that will not be ruined if it gets wet. Our Wild Coast Fruits dried whole cranberries and blueberries will give you quick and sustained energy, and it will not matter if they get wet. A few in a ziplock bag packed in a pocket of your vest will be sufficient to get you through the rapids. 

Rip Curl Pro Tofino Surfing Competition

Head out to Tofino for Canada's largest surfing competition. For more than 20 years, this competition has drawn surfers from all divisions. It also happens to be a lovely beach in a beautiful area. Whether you go to surf or just to watch, this is a fun event.

What to bring

If you want to surf during or after the competition, you will obviously want to bring your surf board. Whether you are surfing or not, be sure to bring a beach blanket, towels, sunglasses, and plenty of sunscreen. Nothing ruins an adventure faster than sunburn! The beach is always a great spot for a picnic. Keep it simple by picking up sandwiches or a tray of sushi, along with some fruit and a bag of Wild Coast Fruits dark chocolate cranberries. Cranberries are wonderful for eliminating bacteria from the mouth, as well as the body. This is particularly useful here since sitting in a wet bathing suit and being out in the sun all day can be a recipe for a UTI. Remember to bring along plenty of water to stay hydrated as well!

Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve

This incredibly special place is a little work to get to but well worth it. Of all the amazing things in BC, this is surely one of the gems. If it is the sea you long for, you simply must check this place out. There is a beautiful coastline and several islands. You can kayak or canoe through the waters for a special perspective. You may see orcas, sea lions, other whales, or river otter. It is also a phenomenal birding location. There is a temperate rainforest with plenty of space for hiking and camping. If you prefer not to camp, there are also several B&B's. 

What to bring

Bring all you need to play in the water: suits, towels, beach blanket, kayaks, and floats. You will definitely want to bring good binoculars to see the abundant wildlife. Bring a good book or a journal, maybe even a hammock, and leave behind your stress as you soak up a good dose of nature. Be sure to have good hiking shoes. Obviously if you are going to camp, you need all your camping and rain gear. For a fun twist on s'mores try using Wild Coast Fruit Dark Chocolate Blueberries. You cannot really make  s'mores healthy, but the little pop of berry will be nice with the marshmallow!

We love to hear from you! Let us know your favorite outdoor activities in British Columbia!